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The Housing Design Research Group (HDRG) offers evidence-based research on multifamily housing to developers and designers. The core values are collaboration and co-creation; rigor; and translation. The mission of HDRG is to further the movement for ecological housing design for social justice.


Longer-term research projects include interviews, observational studies, or statistical analysis of developer-provided data of a developer's own project. Shorter-term studies include collaborating on shared evaluation walks, housing case studies, and reviews of scholarly work. We also translate existing academic research into short presentations that can be shared in a “lunch-n-learn” format or a short written summary.

When designers and developers approach us with a research question, they agree to provide reasonable access to the building and its data, and to allow the results to be shared with other Housers, conference attendees, and readers of academic journals.

​Christina Bollo, PhD, is the Director of the Housing Design Research Group. Affiliated team members include Kim Rollings, Amanda Donofrio, and Lynne Dearborn.

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